Jim has worked as an electrician coming up 15 yrs. And in this time has worked in across all fields in his industry from mining, commercial fit outs and residential electrical installations but it was the diversity and creative freedom in renovations that became transmissible.

When he’s not taking orders from the Wife or his fearless leader Grant, he is out surfing, whinging about not surfing, working out at the gym and dreaming about those Powerball problems the future holds during morning toolbox meeting coffee.

As a young father, Jim will spend most weekends following his little 1-year old daughter around cleaning up the trail of destruction, keeping her out of cupboards, changing nappies, reading stories and getting as many baby laughs as he can.

His vision for WA Property Renovations has always been to keep the process simple, not to complicate the progression of your renovation and only convey solutions, not problems.